Melania Trump gets slammed for promoting diet and exercise (like Michelle Obama did)

Melania Trump got viciously dragged on social media after tweeting a benign message encouraging parents to teach their kids about a healthy diet and exercise.

“February is #AmericanHeartMonth,” the first lady tweeted. “I encourage parents to take this opportunity to teach children about the importance of a healthy diet & exercise!”

Proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to fester among liberals, Twitter trolls deluged Melania with snarky comments about her husband’s diet. As if she controls what he eats.

They also fat-shamed President Trump, who’s 6-foot-3 and weighs 239 pounds.

One quipped: “So a dozen diet cokes, Big Macs, filet ‘O fish sandwiches, over-cooked steak with ketchup (which is not a vegetable) paired with a belief that exercise uses up your life energy isn’t the way to live?”

Naturally, these self-anointed health experts said nothing about Barack Obama’s chain-smoking habit.

Keep in mind that President Trump, 71, passed a mental and physical fitness test with flying colors last month.

“The President’s overall health is excellent,” said presidential physician Dr. Ronny Jackson (who was also Obama’s doctor). “His cardiac performance during his physical exam was very good. He continues to enjoy the significant long-term cardiac and overall health benefits that come from a lifetime of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Trump maintains her sleek supermodel physique by following a healthy diet and working out. (See more: Melania’s diet, exercise and beauty secrets.)

Fortunately, Melania has plenty of Twitter supporters, who appreciated her healthy advice.

Speaking of health, remember this hair-raising video when Michelle Obama looked bald while touting the merits of a good diet?

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