Jailed sailor reacts to being cited by Trump on Twitter and then he says what he really feels

Former Navy Machinist Kristian Saucier, who went to prison for taking photos inside a nuclear submarine, commented this week on the “double standard” in America when it comes to justice.

Saucier was charged in 2015 after using his cell phone to take photographs of classified spaces and equipment aboard the Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine USS Alexandria.

President Donald Trump cited the sailor as an example of how Hillary Clinton and her aides are held to a different standard for mishandling classified information.


Appearing on Fox News’ “Watters’ World,” Saucier stated that “the FBI and the Justice Department were weaponized under the Obama administration to go after conservatives such as myself.”

He told host Jesse Watters it’s “very upsetting” to see Clinton being held to a different standard for doing something “on a much larger scale” than he did.

SG Watters World

“I think it should be upsetting for all American people that we’re held to a different standard than crooked politicians,” Saucier said.

Watters noted that Saucier, who served two deployments to the Middle East, is forced to wear an ankle bracelet while on parole and isn’t allowed to go to a TV studio.

The former sailor expressed frustration over his life being “destroyed” by a law that was intended for people like Clinton, who faced no consequences.

Watch the exclusive interview in its entirety below:

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