Nunes: There is clear evidence of collusion with Russians, but it’s with DNC and Clinton Campaign

The man behind the controversial memo that’s rocked Washington, California Congressman Devin Nunes, made an appearance on Friday’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” to explain where he believes the real collusion lies.

And no, it’s not between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Well, Mr. Comey had a chance in January, February, March, April, I believe all the way until June to come clean on who paid for the dossier,” Nunes said in response to a question about Comey’s reaction to the memo’s release. “He was asked about it in January. He said very clearly he knew that Republicans started the dossier which was a lie. And then when asked, when probed further, ‘who finished the dossier?’ He didn’t know. Now, maybe he was lying. Maybe he didn’t know, but both seem to be a problem.”

“Mr. Comey is welcome to come back and tell us when exactly  he learned the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the dossier,” Nunes added. “He’s welcome to come back and share that information. But, I think the American people understand that the FBI should not go to secret courts using information that was paid for by the Democrats to open up investigations to get warrants on people of the other political party. That’s the type of stuff that happens in a banana republics.”

“Comey said in testimony that some of the dossier’s unverified and salacious,” said Baier. “Are there parts of the dossier that are true?”

“What, that Russia is a country and Carter Page is a person?” quipped Nunes.

“You don’t know anything corroborated?” Baier asked.

“No, very little and I think if you look at that dossier from the very beginning, I don’t know what FBI agent – I don’t know what they were smoking – that it would think that Carter Page, who’s somebody who hasn’t had a job for many years, who is obviously a Russian sympathizer, that somehow the Russians who actually said he was an idiot in court testimony and this was presented before the court. So Russian agents said Carter Page was an idiot. Do you think that the Russians were going to offer him like a 19 percent share of a major oil company in Russia?” Nunes said.

“I mean, this is crazy,” he argued. “You would think this is wild stuff.”

He added that there is a “good chance” the dossier came from the Russians.

“So there is clear evidence of collusion with the Russians. It just happens to be with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, that the news media fails to talk about or fails to even investigate,” Nunes concluded.

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