Jim Jordan: We need a second special counsel to investigate and clean up the DoJ and FBI

We have a special counsel supposedly investigating non-existent “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, an investigation which has essentially seemed to devolve into trying to entrap Trump campaign officials who may or may not have made statements about a non-crime.

But how about a special counsel to investigate real malfeasance revealed by the recently-released Nunes memo, an actual, concrete, substantiated instance of collusion between the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the Democratic National Committee to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign based on “evidence” from a salacious dossier?

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan called for exactly that during a Friday night appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

“They took a salacious and unverified document,” Jordan told host David Asman. “They took it to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on a fellow citizen. And when they went to that court, they didn’t tell them important information like who paid for the document, not once, not twice, not even three times. Four times they went to the court and didn’t disclose who was financing this document and they did it in the context of a presidential campaign.”

“Let’s remember who ‘they’ are,” Asman said. “They were people who were virulently anti-Trump.”

“These top people went to the secret court to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen and they used an ‘opposition research’ document to get that warrant and they didn’t tell them about who paid for it,” Jordan continued, “and they didn’t tell them about Bruce Ohr’s relationship with Chris Steele and they didn’t tell them about his wife’s  relationship with Fusion, that she was working for Fusion.”

“I don’t like special counsels, but we need a second one,” Jordan said in response to a question about where we should go from here. “I don’t know how else you clean this up. Mueller is inherently compromised. Jeff Sessions has recused himself. I think the only remedy is a second special counsel.”

But who?

“Don’t pick someone from the swamp,” Jordan added. “Pick someone like some retired federal judge from Iowa or Oklahoma. So when they complete their investigation the American people can say there is a conclusion we understand and can help restore confidence in this agency.”

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