Nancy Pelosi in total freak-out mode as FISA memo set for release: ‘It’s a bogus memo’

With the imminent release of the controversial FISA document, Nancy Pelosi has pulled out all the stops to discredit Rep. Devin Nunes and his “bogus memo.”

The House Minority Leader has been on a personal mission to strip the California Republican of his House Intelligence Committee chairmanship over a memo he spear-headed that purportedly details surveillance abuses by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

“It’s a bogus memo. It’s not based on fact,” Pelosi told reporters Friday. “But it does reference highly classified intelligence matters. Now we see that he’s even altered the memo, to make matters worse.”

The California Democrat was referring to “technical edits” made to the document at the request of the FBI. Republican lawmakers voted along party lines Monday to release the memo and President Trump has indicated that he agrees.

But Democrats have thrown an ongoing tantrum in the days and hours before the proposed release of the controversial four-page document. Pelosi blew up her Twitter account on Thursday, warning of Nunes’ “obsession,” and calling for his removal.

Using the hashtag  #RemoveNunes, Pelosi continued her tweet storm Thursday.

The Democratic lawmaker also fired off a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding Nunes be removed as Intel Committee chair, saying that Nunes “has disgraced the House Intelligence Committee” and “abused his position.” She also declared the “bogus” memo is part of a GOP-led “cover-up to hide the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal.”

Pelosi capped off her Twitter meltdown with a link to a “#mustread” Washington Post editorial which “lays out the grievous actions of @DevinNunes — or inactions, in the case of @SpeakerRyan.”

Pelosi’s meltdown over the FISA memo and Rep. Nunes seem to have sent her over the edge.


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