GOP Rep. gives sneak peek of FISA memo: ‘Implicates’ senior DOJ & FBI officials, shows Mueller probe based on ‘rotten’ premise

The soon-to-be-released Nunes memo is causing quite the stir in Washington these days. Is it Watergate 2, as some Republicans who’ve read it and want it released have implied, or much ado about nothing?

Democrats don’t want America to see the memo, of course, but do their motives have to do with not “tarnishing America’s institutions” or some other lofty, patriotic ideal, as they claim, or are they just afraid the’re about to be caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar?

GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz, who has read the memo, joined Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Thursday evening to discuss the potential implications of the its release. MacCallum began the segment by expressing concern that the memo might not “live up to the hype.”

If Gaetz’s response is any indication, the “hype” is just getting started.

“You also are out on a limb,” said MacCallum. “You have spoken out very strongly about this. You said it was Watergate 2, KGB-style tactics I believe is also something you said. Are you standing by all those statements tonight?”

“I don’t think those were my statements, Martha,” said the congressman. “But I do believe that there are jaw-dropping revelations about the extent to which the FBI and Department of Justice were weaponized politically to go after the folks that they didn’t line up with from an ideological or electoral standpoint. That’s deeply unfortunate, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, an independent or a Whig.”

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“I think that the substance of this memo absolutely implicates senior officials at the department of justice and the FBI,” Gaetz continued. “And I think that it shows that the entire Mueller investigation should have never been started in the first place, that it is built on a false, rotten premise, and I think the American people will agree once they have the opportunity to review this unredacted memo.”

Responding to a question about whether or not the memo’s supporting documentation should also be released, to keep people from “trying to poke holes” in it, Gaetz agreed and made it clear he and over 60 members of Congress have called for “the most robust supporting information that can reasonably be released.”

“But this memo isn’t opinion,” Gaetz said. “It’s not conjecture. It is a statement of verifiable facts. And I think that its veracity will be upheld in the court of public opinion for sure.”

“I think heads are going to roll.”

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