Joy Behar wants someone to yell ‘you lie!’ at Trump’s SOTU – has no clue why that’s really ironic

The View’s Joy Behar wants President Trump to get fact-checked during his State of the Union address tonight.

Her advice? Someone should yell “you lie!” during the president’s big speech.

“You know what I want?” Behar said. “I want to hear somebody yell out, ‘You lie!’ Just like they did to Obama. Do you remember that?”

“I mean, Obama hardly ever lied and they said, ‘You lied.’ This guy lies every day,” she said.

Let’s just start there: Despite the media’s historical revisionism, Barack Obama was a world class, pathological, serial liar. So-called “fact checkers” have attempted to elide Obama’s many lies by comparing them with Trump’s. Unfortunately, these fact checkers seriously underestimate the number and severity of Obama’s mistruths.

Whoopi Goldberg attempted to inject some reason into the discussion.

I don’t want anybody yelling you lie. I don’t,” she said. “Because it’s no good — it doesn’t matter who does it, it’s bad. It’s bad to do. There has to be–you know, look. We got two, three more years of whatever is left of this guy’s tenure there.”

“Maybe seven,” a View panelist off-camera hauntingly added.

“Maybe seven months,” another chimed in.

Here’s the ironic context of Behar’s line. When Rep. Joe Wilson yelled “you lie!” at Obama’s first State of the Union address, he was referring specifically to a clause in the Affordable Care Act that pertained to illegal immigrants receiving healthcare under the bill.

While fact checkers, in their typical fashion, claim that this is not “officially true” that Obama lied, the reality of the matter is quite different. In 2011, Wilson claimed that he was “vindicated” by reports that ACA credits would target immigrants who may or may not be in the country legally.

A Wall Street Journal report published in 2016 showed that “Despite Federal Health Law, Illegal Immigrants Get Care,” but a Forbes report got closer to the heart of it: “Because Of Federal Health Law, Illegal Immigrants Get Care.”

 The federal Obamacare subsidies undeniably permit states and localities to make expenditures on health care for illegal immigrants that they otherwise would be unable to afford…

So it should be beyond all doubt that the ACA has increased the amount of resources dedicated to health care of illegal immigrants–the explicit legal prohibition against this notwithstanding.

You lie? It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that Democrats know and fully intended to give healthcare to illegal immigrants with the Affordable Care Act.

By pointing the finger at Donald Trump, Behar incidentally gives us all a reminder about the numerous false claims made by former President Obama selling the ACA back in 2009.

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