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MSNBC guest calls Evangelicals ‘instigators of evil,’ then hits Catholics and Trump supporters with one ugly punch

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Frank Schaeffer, an author who “opted out of evangelicalism,” as The New York Times so eloquently put it, slammed Evangelicals on Sunday as “instigators of evil themselves.”

Appearing on MSMBC’s “AM Joy,” Schaeffer tore into Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, for saying that Jesus “never told Caesar how to run Rome,” which was seen as a defense of President Donald Trump.

SG Schaeffer

“This is the same guy who said there were some good Nazi’s’s watching,” he said of Trump. “Again, it’s the frog getting boiled to death.”

Schaeffer, identified as a “religious reform activist,” is better known for his father, Francis Schaeffer, who is considered Evangelical royalty.

“Evangelicals switched from being who advocated to traditional reality to the chief American defenders of not only relativistic morality but all that used to be considered sacred trashed,” the younger Schaeffer said.

And he was only getting warmed up in throwing Evangelicals under the bus.

“They’re defending a man who trashed fidelity in his own life and with the words he speaks nationally,” he said. “They’ve trashed truth-telling and have embraced this idea of everything being fake news they disagree with. They’ve even trashed common decency.”

Schaeffer described their support for Trump as “one of the greatest downfalls of a religious order we’ve ever known.”

He compared supporting Trump to Catholic priests sexually abusing children.

“Only comparable with the breaking news of the vast phenomena of child abuse inside the Roman catholic church,” he said. “At that time the leaders themselves were saying, yes, this is bad and pretending not to go along.

“Now the evangelicals have gone to the next step, become the instigators of evil themselves.”

Yep, no ax to grind here.

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