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Joy Villa’s bold pro-life dress is the talk of the Grammys. Even the TODAY Show is showing respect

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It was the mother of all fashion statements, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Joy Villa.

Villa has never been one to be afraid of literally wearing her beliefs on her sleeve, so to speak, so nobody should have been all that surprised when the outspoken pro-Trump singer showed up at the 60th Grammy Awards toting a purse with the words “choose life” on it and wearing a white dress emblazoned with the hand-painted image of a fetus.


“I’m a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do,” Villa told Fox News. “I’m all about life.”

It was, indeed, a worthy follow-up to the singer’s dramatic entrance at last year’s Grammy Awards, when she wore a blue dress with the words “Make America Great Again” in support of President Trump.

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Villa told Fox News that this year’s dress was inspired by the fact that she gave up her own baby for adoption at the age of 21, a much better alternative than abortion.

And she’s still firmly on board the Trump Train.

“I love what he is doing; unemployment is down,” Villa told Fox News. “I am totally for President Trump, and it’s only been one year. I can’t wait for the next seven years!”

“I’m very close with his daughter Ivanka. She is a phenomenal woman. She wants to empower women,” said the singer of her relationship with the president’s daughter.

Villa isn’t afraid of sharing her beliefs, despite the fact that the majority of Hollywood is leftist.

“There is a lot of hypocrisy we see from celebrities,” said Villa.

Regarding her hopes for America’s future under President Trump, Villa said, “I am looking forward to seeing Americans… [feeling patriotic] again. I’m glad that conservative values are back at the forefront as a pro-life woman.”

Even NBC’s TODAY Show had to give Villa grudging respect. “How fierce is @Joy_Villa?” Today tweeted. “The singer/songwriter is making a statement yet again on the red carpet this evening! #GRAMMYs.”

Of course, the haters were out in full force, because hating is what haters do.

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