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Ex-campaign manager exposes Hillary lie. We told her, but Clinton ‘overruled’ advice to fire harasser

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Amid reports that alleged feminist Hillary Clinton shielded a senior adviser on her 2008 presidential campaign who’d been accused of sexual harassment, her campaign manager said Clinton personally overruled her recommendation to fire the man.

Burns Strider, Clinton’s faith adviser, was accused by a young woman of sexual harassment. The alleged victim would be reassigned and Strider remained with the campaign.

This coming despite campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle’s recommendation to terminate him.

Doyle appeared on CNN Monday and agreed that Clinton’s decision gave Strider the platform to go on and abuse other women, which he reportedly did.

“She overruled you personally?” asked CNN’s Brianna Keilar, of Clinton keeping the adviser on board.

“I was overruled, yes,” Doyle said.

She also said she was “disappointed” by a tweet from Clinton on Friday that said the victim’s concerns were “taken seriously” and had been “addressed.”

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“She doesn’t admit she messed up,” Keilar noted. “Why doesn’t she just look back and say ‘this was the wrong call’”?

“I was disappointed by that tweet, that response,” Doyle replied. “It was the wrong call. I wish she had said it was the wrong call.”

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