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James Woods NAILS ‘all DACA is about’ in one explosive tweet, and it’s gone viral

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Nothing quite gets to the root of an issue like a James Woods tweet.

The fate of 800,000 to upwards of 3 million (now we’re told) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, or so-called “DREAMers,” has the American political landscape on fire of late. The fact that most Americans want to protect DACA recipients but also want border security and are generally conservative on immigration hasn’t fazed Democrats intent on obstructing and even holding the government hostage over DACA without offering or even considering anything meaningful in return.

So, what drives Democrats who clearly lack a mandate, not to mention control of any branch of government, to be so obstinate on this issue? Why do all of them seem to want endless immigration from the Third World at the expense of their own constituents?

James Woods knows, and he used a pointed Friday afternoon tweet illustrated by a Chuck Schumer meme to vividly point it out:

“This is all #DACA is about…” the tweet read below a meme that depicted Schumer ‘saying,’ “It’s very simple to understand actually – If Americans won’t vote for Democrats, then we’ll import people who will.”

Sure, he never quite said it like that. He wouldn’t be THAT obvious. But that doesn’t mean it’s not tragically true. And to anyone who disagrees, look at what’s happened to California in just over a generation.

Woods’ tweet went viral, and garnered lots of reaction:







Finally, we’ll let Peter Deacon finish this off with the best reaction to Woods’ tweet and something we all know is absolutely true:

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