Spooky dude George Soros makes ominous claim that Trump admin will ‘disappear’ in 2020, if not ‘sooner’

Spooky dude George Soros made an ominous claim on Thursday that the Trump administration will “disappear” in 2020, if not “sooner.”

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros said President Donald Trump “would like to establish a mafia state but he can’t,” according to a transcript of his remarks posted on his website.

He talked about how his progressive Open Society Foundation is now “spending more than half our budget closer to home.”

Soros compared Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, insisting that “both seem willing to risk a nuclear war in order to keep themselves in power.”

The attack on Trump really intensified when Soros spoke about climate change.

“Clearly, I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world,” said the naturalized U.S. citizen. “But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.”

(Image: George Soros, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011/Google images)

Soros credited Trump with “motivating his core supporters brilliantly, but for every core supporter, he has created a greater number of core opponents who are equally strongly motivated.”

“That is why I expect a Democratic landslide in 2018,” he declared.

A landslide that is important to his long-range goals, which the 87-year-old investor detailed.

“My personal goal in the United States is to help reestablish a functioning two-party system,” Soros said. “This will require not only a landslide in 2018 but also a Democratic Party that will aim at non-partisan redistricting, the appointment of well-qualified judges, a properly conducted census and other measures that a functioning  two-party system requires.”

Tom Tillison


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