CNN hosted a ‘very serious’ panel – but no one could take their eyes off the woman in lower right corner

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tried to moderate an extremely serious panel over reports the president tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

It turned out that the only thing many CNN viewers learned is that the woman in the lower right corner has serious face game.

No, seriously. She was mesmerizing viewers. Just give it a watch for a little bit.

Try to turn your eyes away if you dare.

There was a lot of mystery about who she was. So the Internet started digging.

There she is… on InfoWars.

Those piercing eyes. Seriously.

This guy appears genuinely mesmerized as well.

But… who is she?

Wait, what?! Her cat? We have to know about her cat.

Ahhhh, now it makes sense.

The question of the day.

It turns out she has a name: Elle Beck. No sh*t, she goes by the handle Cranky Lawyer.

Beck explained what happened on CNN: She was genuinely surprised she was on a panel, and a “tinny voice” in her ear had to explain to her what was actually going on in the segment.

Then things got lit. (NSFW.)

She had some ‘woke’ lessons for the public. Yep, it looks like she’s a Truther.


She wanted angry “CNN trolls” to go “pray to Anderson Cooper” of whomever their god is.

This gets really… heated.

No one doubts it, no one doubts it. Then we all got a bit of perspective.

Cranky Lawyer: Not the hero CNN deserves, but the hero that it needs.

Kyle Becker


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