ACLU scoffs at rule of law: Only ‘white supremacists’ benefit from Trump immigration plan

Now that President Trump’s just-released immigration plan includes an actual path to citizenship for not 800,000, but upwards of 1.8 million so-called “DREAMers,” it’s still not good enough for the ACLU.

Because nothing short of total amnesty and complete open-borders will do, apparently.

Shortly after details broke of the plan to exchange DACA protections for real border security, border wall funding, an end to chain migration, and an end to the VISA lottery system, the ACLU unleashed a tweetstorm of epic proportions slamming the plan as a “hateful proposal,” the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Klan openly marched down America’s streets to thunderous applause, or something.

“Border Patrol and ICE agents,” oh my!

Seriously, since when did any liberal ever care about government “waste?” But the tweets, and the ridiculousness, kept coming.

How about Americans? Don’t Americans of ALL races benefit from not having to compete with hordes of unskilled labor? But when did common sense ever get in the way of fear-mongering?

“Non-starters” only if Schumer & Co. don’t care about the DREAMers they are so anxious to champion. They don’t, of course. Not really. They’re just pawns to Dems in a much larger game.

Quite deservedly, the ACLU got plenty of flak and mockery for their absurdity.

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Scott Morefield


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