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So-called feminist Cher rallies women, days later fashion-shames Sarah Sanders

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Cher showed her true feminist colors in a shameless attack on White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Just days after telling the crowd at a women’s march in Las Vegas to fight for their rights, the 71-year-old singer took aim at, what else? Another woman.

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Accusing Sanders of  “dressing like a sister wife,” Cher tweeted a photo and message to her more than 3.5 million followers.

Never mind that Sanders, a wife, mother and woman in an arguably successful job, should be celebrated by so-called feminists like Cher. That kind of pedestal-worthy praise by liberals is only granted when it suits their left-wing agenda.

While no one found the tweet necessarily surprising, coming from the star who frequently rants in all caps and announced she would move to Jupiter if Trump was elected, plenty of Twitter users called her out.

The pop icon hardly seems like the one to be giving advice on proper work attire anyway.

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Undaunted by the comments, however, she fired off another blast in her failed attempt to rally the sisterhood.

She lashed out at those who dared to question her on Twitter.

But even Cher’s attempt to dismiss the comment as a “stupid joke” left many on Twitter just shaking their heads.

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