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After Vanity Fair report on Gen. Kelly makes waves, Sanders comes up with an actual use for magazine

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders continues to prove that she is not one to suffer fools.

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Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Sanders commented on a Vanity Fair report that the relationship between President Donald Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly has become strained.

The president’s spokesperson wasted no time ripping Vanity Fair, sharing what she felt may be the only practical use for the left-leaning magazine.

“Look, I would not use Vanity Fair for much other than a coaster. I don’t think it is a reliable source of information, and certainly not on this topic,” Sanders said.

She went on to say the two have a “great relationship” and that Kelly isn’t going anywhere.

“I expect General Kelly not just to be here for the next three years, but the next seven years,” she added. “As he said, he’s in it for the long haul.”

Citing the prerequisite anonymous sources, Vanity Fair reported on Monday that Trump, at the urging of daughter Ivanka Trump, was considering replacing Kelly with lobbyist David Urban.

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President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to put the kibosh on the rumor, praising Kelly for “doing a fantastic job” in the face of “fake reporting.”

He tweeted: “Thank you to General John Kelly, who is doing a fantastic job, and all of the Staff and others in the White House, for a job well done. Long hours and Fake reporting makes your job more difficult, but it is always great to WIN, and few have won more than us!”

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