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Suzanne Somers risks ‘career suicide’ to openly praise President Trump for booming economy

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Actress and businesswoman Suzanne Somers admitted it could be the end of her career when she openly praised President Trump for the booming economy.

Somers hilariously played the dumb blond “Chrissy Snow” on the 70’s sitcom “Three’s Company” and decades later starred in the sitcom “Step by Step.”  The famous blond proved she’s no dummy when she went on to launch a successful business career.

And now the famous bombshell is proving she’s brave too.

TMZ caught up with Somers on the streets of Los Angeles over the weekend to ask about the government shutdown.

“Are you happy about the shutdown with the government today?” a TMZ reporter asked.

At first, Somers seemed caught off guard. But when the reporter asked about Trump’s job as President, the former actress lit up.

“I’m happy with him,” she said.

This time, it was the TMZ reporter’s turn to appear taken aback. As one can imagine, he probably doesn’t hear a lot of celebs admitting they approve of Trump. Then he got specific and asked Somers if she was happy about the tax cuts.

Somers doubled down.

“Yeah, I am.” Somers said and then continued. “I’m happy that the economy is doing so much better.”

When the TMZ reporter told her that he thought it was “cool” for her admit she supported Trump, she laughed (albeit a little nervously) that she knew she could be committing career suicide.

“And now my career is over,” she said.

The reporter assured her that there were people “out there” who would have her back.

It’s a sad day in America when voicing your support for a duly elected President could indeed jeopardize your career. But, that’s what they call “progress” in liberal Hollywood.




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