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Conan O’Brien stays at a luxury resort to prove ‘Haiti is a beautiful country’

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Conan just proved there’s no amount of reality-denying too big for Trump-hating liberals.

The talk show host traveled to Haiti last week with the declared mission of disproving President Trump’s alleged comment calling Haiti and other developing nations “s***hole countries.”

“#Haiti is truly a beautiful country,” O’Brien wrote from the island, sharing a picture of himself enjoying coconut water at a touristic beach beside a luxury resort.

“Still reeling from @realDonaldTrump’s very negative Yelp review of Haiti, which means I’ll love it,” O’Brien wrote before his trip. “Headed to Haiti later this week to explore and make some new friends. Stay tuned for my report.”

Social media users quickly identified the celebrity’s location as being the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort in Carriès.

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According to their website, the Wahoo Bay boasts a tennis court, spa, air-conditioned rooms, flat screen TVs, horseback riding, jet skiing, and complimentary WiFi.

A single night at O’Brien’s chosen lodging in Haiti costs $254.

A shot of the Wahoo Bay Resort. (Photo Credit: WahooBayBeach.com).

According to World Bank, more than 59 percent of Haitians lives under the national poverty line of US$2.41 a day, while 24 percent of the population lives under the extreme poverty line of $1.23 a day, or $448.95 a year.

One night at the Wahoo Bay costs more than half the annual income of a quarter of Haitians.

Twitter users gently reminded O’Brien how the other half lives on the island nation.

O’Brien invited his Twitter followers to “Follow me all this weekend in real time as I explore this beautiful country.”

The talk show host visited some of the country’s finest kitchens on his brief stay.

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O’Brien dined at Port-au-Prince’s Brasserie Quartier Latin restaurant, where he also impressed viewers with his dancing.

At one point, the TBS star mocked President Trump by giving a man a hat that read “Haiti is great already.”

The experience brought to mind O’Brien’s 2015 trip to Cuba, during which he attempted to cast the poor communist nation in a favorable light by filming himself at expensive tourist spots.

O’Brien’s posts caused an explosion on Twitter, where users didn’t hesitate to call out his elitism.


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