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CNN’s Jim Acosta is so gosh-darned frustrated that Sanders is smart enough to ignore him

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If only CNN’s Jim Acosta had a little cheese to go with his whine.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

CNN’s chief White House correspondent took to social media during Monday’s daily briefing to comment on how press secretary Sarah Sanders avoids taking questions from his network.

(That CNN’s beset with a blood lust to destroy President Trump is lost on Acosta.)

“Gosh it’s so bizarre how @PressSec keeps avoiding questions from CNN,” wrote the reporter, who added the hashtag: .

Of course, Acosta has a history of being difficult when interacting with Trump administration officials, to include clashing with President Trump.

It’s hard not to associate his complaining to what you’d expect to see at grade school, as noted by author Michael Malice:

Trump bestows a savage new nickname on CNN’s Jim Acosta after Dems cave on shutdown

One thing is certain, social media users had little sympathy for the CNN reporter and his undignified bellyaching.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:




The timing of Acosta’s complaining wasn’t lost on folks, coming as Sanders was more or less taking a victory lap after Democrats caved in their showdown with the president and re-opened government.

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