The Senate fails to pass stop-gap spending measure, triggering “government shutdown”

The Senate failed to pass a spending bill late Friday night, thereby initiating a federal government “shutdown” on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump becoming president.

The final vote on the House-passed stopgap-measure that would have averted the shutdown was 51-4. The majority of Republicans voted to pass the short-term spending bill, which drew only a slim minority of Democratic support.

The five Democrat Senators who voted ‘yes’ for the  measure were: Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin, Jones, and McCaskill. The five Republican Senators who voted in opposition: Graham, Flake, Paul, Lee, and McConnell.

The clear reason Senator Majority Leader McConnell voted ‘no’ was so he could hold a revote, which technically must be called by a senator on the prevailing side.

“We will not negotiate the status of undocumented immigrants while Democrats hold our own citizens hostage,” McConnell said in a scathing statement on the Senate floor.

At odds between Republicans and Democrats voting on the bill is the absence of a solution on DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. A CNN poll said that more Americans thought “avoiding a shutdown is more important than passing a bill to maintain the (DACA) program.”

McConnell would then offer up a continuing offer resolution that would fund the government until February 8th. The U.S. Senate has adjourned until noon.


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Kyle Becker


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