Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu wants Americans to protest the government shutdown his own party caused

California Rep. Ted Lieu, a certified (and I do mean certified) member of the #Resistance, wants Americans to respond to the current government shutdown caused by Democrats unwilling to separate their pet issue from doing their jobs and funding the government, by protesting the Trump administration.

And to show how serious he is, he tweeted a picture of women in p*ssy hats as an example.

OK, not exactly women in p*ssy hats, but it was a picture of last year’s Women’s March, so you know there were more than a few in that massive crowd.

Interestingly, even the New York Times doesn’t seem to be totally blaming this thing on Trump, and they’re catching flak from liberals for stating the obvious, for once.

But Lieu is certainly trying to.

“Are you fired up by the #TrumpShutdown? Are you continually shocked by the chaos, meanness and unstable nature of the @realDonaldTrump Administration?” the congressman tweeted. “If so, go march tomorrow. Let the world see you roar. Understand the power you have to shape public sentiment.”

Lieu posted the tweet Friday night before the actual shutdown went into effect, and expectedly drew plenty of flak.

A second Women’s March is planned this weekend in several U.S. cities, so the opportunities for p*ssy hat sightings will abound, as will the chances for the rest of America to laugh at the prospect of taking any of these people seriously.

So yep…

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Scott Morefield


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