Watch a Democrat actually claim with a straight face that Trump still thinks Obama is president

As Democrats prepare to cause a government shutdown over their insistence that Republicans give up the farm on DACA, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey is predictably trying to blame the mess they’ve created on, who else, President Trump.

During a Thursday CNN interview, Markey called on Trump to “get off the campaign trail” and stop pretending that “Barack Obama is president, somehow.”

If you’re wondering what that even means, you aren’t alone.

Check this out:

“We’re unwilling to allow for the Republicans to just sit alone, draft legislation that governs the entire country without any Democrats in the room at all,” Markey said, even though Republicans have been more than willing to negotiate with Democrats in good faith. The problem is, their leadership, bolstered by their ever-vocal Leftist base, is willing to give up exactly nothing of substance in exchange.

“We don’t want to shut down the government, the Republicans are shutting down the government,” the Massachusetts senator said. “They’re refusing to discharge their responsibility to ensure they are working on a bipartisan basis.”

Getting things done is one thing, but since when is it necessarily Republicans’ “responsibility” to work with recalcitrant Democrats?

And of course, it’s all President Trump’s fault, because he thinks Obama is president, or something.

“The president is sitting on the sidelines pretending that Barack Obama is president somehow, and criticizing the process by which we create legislation in Congress to pass a budget that funds our country,” said Markey before calling on Trump to “come back” from the “campaign trail” and “be a leader.”

Well, alrighty then.

If Congress doesn’t pass a budget before the end of today, the government will shut down. Even though the House has passed a stopgap measure, Democrats intend to block the bill in the Senate.

Awkward indeed. While Republicans have historically borne the brunt of the blame for government shutdowns, this time may very well be different.

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Scott Morefield


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