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Morning Joe compares Trump to Stalin AND Hitler — and its unfavorable to the worst autocrats in human history

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Don’t liberals ever get tired of beating the same dead horse?

On the Friday edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough demonstrated some verbal gymnastics by trying to equate Trump to Hitler – all while denying he was making the comparison.

Scarborough began his condemnation of the president by censuring evangelicals, who constitute one of the country’s most solid Republican voting blocks.

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“Evangelical leaders are yet another segment of American society that are corrupting themselves and corrupting their institutions by falling in line, because politics is far more important than what they have claimed all their lives to be important.”


The MSNBC anchor then turned his attention to President Trump, with emphasis on his rhetoric.

“Putting context into Donald Trump’s first year, think about it, if you’re Donald Trump and you’re sending out, my gosh, tweets every day that attack Australia early on, a country that’s stood with us and been in foxholes with us in every war over the past century, or you’re attacking Great Britain.

“Or you’re attacking London’s mayor after a terrorist attack, or you’re attacking Angela Merkel, one of our most steadfast allies in the world, or you’re attacking allies all over the world, you’re attacking the media, you’re employing the same language that Stalin used, calling the media the enemies of the people, you’re making outrageous racist comments in Charlottesville.

“You’re making outrageous racist comments in the White House, denying those, and you just send out a flurry of outrageous tweets every day.”


Scarborough’s rant echoed a Wednesday speech by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), in which he decried that “our own president uses words infamously spoken by Joseph Stalin” to describe the media.

The “Morning Joe” host then went straight for the Hitler comparison–while saying he wasn’t actually comparing the two.

“Well, there is a method to that madness, it’s what dictators use. I’m not calling Donald Trump a dictator, but it’s what autocrats and dictators have done a long time.

“It’s what Hitler and all of Hitler’s people — I’m not comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, just like Flake wasn’t comparing him to Stalin, but in terms of communication tactics, numbing the masses, you can read one history book after another history book, and you spread the lie.

“And you spread the lie every day. And you keep lying to the American people and you flood them in so many lies.”


Joe Scarborough and “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski. (Photo by Kris Connor/FilmMagic).

Scarborough has been one of the president’s leading detractors, and has even claimed President Trump suffers from dementia.

The TV host, who once served as a Republican Congressman from Florida, apparently plays by the left-wing handbook. When in doubt, accuse your opponents of being Nazis.


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