Trump passed a mental fitness test with flying colors. Could you pass this exam?

President Trump got the last laugh with the media once again after notching a perfect score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), a cognitive test that screens for memory loss or early dementia.

Trump was pronounced in “excellent health” both physically and mentally after Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson conducted a battery of tests. Dr. Jackson was also the presidential physician for George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Trump got a perfect score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a mental fitness test that screens for memory loss and early dementia.
Winning: President Trump got a perfect score on the MOCA cognitive test. (screenshot)

“The President’s overall health is excellent,” Dr. Jackson said at a press briefing. “His cardiac performance during his physical exam was very good. He continues to enjoy the significant long-term cardiac and overall health benefits that come from a lifetime of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.”

Notably, President Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) cognitive test, which screens for mental impairment symptoms that precede dementia.

MOCA cognitive test Montreal Cognitive Assessment
(Image: Dr. Ziad Nasreddine)

“The president is very sharp,” Dr. Jackson said. The MOCA tests attention, memory and visual skills, NBC News reported:

“The 30-point test includes drawings of a lion and a rhinoceros, which patients must name. Test-takers are also asked to copy a simple line sketch of a cube; match the letter A to the number 1, the letter B to the number 2 and so on. They are asked to recall a list of five words and repeat very short lists of numbers forward and backwards.

It tests attention, memory and visual skills, all of which deteriorate in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia. A score of 26 or lower indicates dementia.”

Trump is the first president to take the cognitive test, which was prompted by the media’s constant rumor-mongering that he’s not mentally fit.

Liberals have recently pivoted to attacking Trump as unfit ever since the “Russia collusion” narrative lost steam due to lack of evidence.

But Dr. Ronny Jackson put the “dementia” narrative to rest by saying President Trump is more than capable (both mentally and physically) of being president now and through a second term.

“If he had some type of mental, cognitive issue … this test is sensitive enough. It would pick up on it,” Dr. Jackson said. “He would not have gotten 30 out of 30 on the test.”

After being barraged with rapid-fire questions from reporters who were skeptical of Trump’s stellar health, Dr. Jackson shut them down with a simple reply.

“I’ve been involved in probably the last six or seven of these [presidential health exams] and this is hands-down more information that has been put forth by any other assessment to date,” Dr. Jackson said.

Dr. Jackson added: “I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old. He has incredible genes. If I didn’t watch what I ate, I wouldn’t have the cardiac and overall health that he has.”

Media observers noted the ridiculous detail of the questions the anti-Trump media had about President Trump’s health, even though they said nothing about Barack Obama’s unhealthy chain-smoking habit and Hillary Clinton‘s fainting spells.

Here’s a flashback to Hillary collapsing in balmy September weather in 2016:

Contrast that to President Trump jumping across a highway partition to walk to a speech in March 2016. Any questions?

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