Trump’s new nickname for Dick Durbin only gets better when Twitter goes to town

Whether you love him or not, you have to admit that Donald Trump has a gift for branding — especially when it comes to people.

SG Dick Durbin
IL Sen Dick Durbin has is a long-time career Democrat politician who’s been ruling over one of the most poorly run and corrupt states in the nation. Image: Screenshot.

Whether it’s Crooked Hillary, Low-energy Jeb!, Rocketman, Sloppy Steve or Pocahontas (although Trump didn’t come up with this one, he can be credited for bringing it into the mainstream) those monikers (and more) given by Trump have all had a way of sticking, and now he’s granted one of Illinois’ top Democrats with one of his own…

“Dicky Durbin.”

Sen. Dick Durbin is in the President’s cross hairs for claiming he heard Trump call poor countries like Haiti “sh*tholes” during a closed-door meeting.  Trump denied ever saying it, and several Republicans at the meeting claimed they never heard Trump use the term.

Dick(y) Durbin, however, maintained that Trump is guilty, but walked back his statement to make the accusation a little more ambiguous.

The controversy brought out President Trump’s, ahem, creative side and “Dicky Durbin” was born.

It’s OK, to laugh… for better or worse, all of Twitter sure did.

Liberal elites hated it:

But others didn’t seem to mind the new name and had fun with it, even though they may have missed “Dicky Durbin’s” simplistic genius.

“Tricky Dicky!” Now, that’s got a nice ring to it. Don’t be surprised if Trump picks that up.

And those apparently familiar with Illinois politics thought the name was spot-on:

Double ouch.


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