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Al Sharpton, racism expert, blasts President Trump over ‘sh*thole’ comment: ‘Absolutely racism with steroids’

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Al Sharpton may have won the award for reaching the pinnacle of hypocrisy in his attack on President Trump for his now infamous “sh*thole” comment.

The race-baiting king claimed Trump’s alleged reference to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “sh*thole countries” during a meeting in the Oval Office was “racism with steroids,” and Sharpton would know best about that.

Trump essentially denied using the language but that did not deter liberals and Trump-haters from feeding into the frenzy that followed. Sharpton blasted the president during a segment on “All In” Thursday on – where else? – MSNBC where it seemed the issue was the only news of the day.

“First of all, let’s be real clear,” Sharpton began. “This is the most racist, bigoted pattern of comments that we’ve heard a president make.”

The reverend accused Trump of building “a whole presidency on race.”

“Any time you say — he didn’t just say the disparaging, bigoted remarks about the nation of Haiti and other nations of color, he says, why don’t we get more people from Norway? Which is really saying, why don’t we get more white people?,” Sharpton declared, with guest host Joy Reid completely agreeing.

“So we now have a foreign policy based on race. One question: Who were the senators in the room? What did they say when he said these things? And why are we not talking about how we must mobilize to deal with them in 2018? Because we’re talking about policy. He can have whatever opinions he wants. But as president of the United States, to be sitting around discussing policy is a threat to all of us,” he added.

Trump should “know better,” Sharpton explained, pointing to his life in a diverse city like New York.

“So this is a decision he’s made,” he continued with his baseless argument. “This is someone who’s chosen a path that is absolutely racism with steroids.”

With his own version of events, Sharpton recalled his days with Trump in the 1980’s and 1990’s, noting a “pattern” in Trump’s choices and behavior.

“But we’ve got this flexible definition about what a racist is. Do you have to spray paint the ‘N’ word in the oval office or have a hood in the Lincoln bedroom to be a racist?” he asked, claiming Trump will be building this “racist and bigoted point of view” into “the very fabric of policy in this country.”

Not surprisingly, MSNBC’s Reid offered no challenge to any of Sharpton’s claims.

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