Jake Tapper reveals some ‘clarifying remarks’ on what president actually said after ‘Sh*tholegate’

Editor’s note: See important update from President Trump below.

As everyone in the Western world and beyond knows by now, the president reportedly said ‘sh*thole countries’ at an off-the-record bipartisan meeting with lawmakers over DACA on Thursday.

The remark was first reported by the Washington Post as follows:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

After heavy mouth-breathing at the networks, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper nearly in tears and Don Lemon lashing out with a furious tirade that blasted remaining Trump supporters as racists and implying during a moment of silence they should go… ahem… there are conflicting reports about what was actually said.

There was also this “sort of” denial by President Trump that makes more sense after further reportage.


Jake Tapper has weighed in with some clarifying backstory on what  happened at the meeting.

There you have it. After an initial wave of reports showing the problem with off-the-record remarks being leaked to the press, it appears that the president’s “sh*thole countries” comment referred specifically to impoverished African countries with notoriously corrupt regimes.

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This may or may not change the way one views the language the president reportedly used, but it certainly clarifies more exactly what he was talking about.



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