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Greg Jarrett warns Trump should ‘keep his mouth shut’ on potential Mueller interview: You’ll end up like Bill Clinton

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Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett gave President Trump some timely advice so he doesn’t “end up like Bill Clinton.”

Although the president has not been called in for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, his attorneys are preparing in the event Trump is asked to provide information in the probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

Discussing the options for Trump if such an interview materializes, from a face-to-face interview to a written response, Jarrett advised that the president should say nothing.

“If I were his lawyer, I’d say, ‘Keep your mouth shut and just talk to me or you’ll end up like Bill Clinton,'” Jarrett said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Thursday.

Clinton “was forced to talk by an independent counsel pursuant to a grand jury subpoena” which landed him in a “world of trouble” for lying and subsequently leading to an impeachment, Jarrett explained.

Dobbs noted that while there was evidence of a crime in the Clinton case, the same is not true with Trump which he said “rankles” him.

“I just can’t imagine sitting down with the special counsel when you’ve done not a damn thing wrong,” Dobbs said.

Jarrett agreed.

“There’s no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion,” he said.  “But what I would worry about as a lawyer is an obstruction entrapment by Mueller during the course of such an interview.”

Jarrett warned that Trump could “fall into a trap” as Mueller “is devious enough” to lay the groundwork. Jarrett was most concerned with Mueller’s top investigator, Andrew Weissmann, whom he described as “untrustworthy” and “abusive.”

“He weaponizes the law and tries to gain convictions in the absence of evidence,” Jarrett said. “That’s the guy I don’t trust the most.”

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