‘Friends’ hits Netflix and majorly triggers snowflakes, who complain about ‘homophobic,’ ‘misogynistic’ jokes

The left has officially become the side that lacks a sense of humor.

The iconic sitcom “Friends” has arrived on Netflix, but the 1990s and early 2000s-era comedy now faces accusations of being problematic on multiple counts of political incorrectness.

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One of the biggest issues for modern audiences is the show’s running gag that main character Monica was overweight when she was younger.

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The joke prompted complaints about “fat-shaming.”


Other viewers said “Friends” was guilty of being homophobic and transphobic.

One plot line in the series revolves around Chandler’s father, who cheated on the main character’s mother with a pool boy.

In one episode, Chandler sees his father in drag in Las Vegas, which prompts greater tension between the two.

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A contributor to the New Statesman wrote, “Chandler’s dehumanising contempt for his queer father, which mutates into a loathing of any kind of effeminacy or gender nonconformity, in himself or anyone else.”

The writer continued: “Plenty of people will tell you that this gay panic was ‘of its time’, but frankly that only makes it more sinister.”

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In one episode, Ross reacts negatively to seeing his son Ben playing with a Barbie doll. Contemporary left-wingers haven’t taken kindly to such scenes.

Clearly, modern day liberalism ruins everything it touches–even comedy. Can nobody take a joke anymore?


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