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Ana Navarro insists she’s no snowflake as she spectacularly melts down on air

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Republican strategist Ana Navarro was “pissed off” at the beginning of a panel discussion on CNN but she quickly had an explosive meltdown after another guest defended President Trump.

Navarro blasted the president, whom she referred to as “Donald J. Racist,” for reports that he referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “sh*thole countries” during a meeting in the Oval Office. Trump denied making the statement but liberals are not really good with facts and every manner of backlash was triggered.

Navarro unloaded her own bag of insults, calling the president an assortment of derogatory names and declaring that he has always been a racist and will not change.

“A 71-year-old racist is not going to seek Jesus and come to a different conclusion and a different heart at this stage in life,” she said. “This is who he is and it’s up to the rest of us in America to say that that is not who America is.”

Navarro then turned to talking about the great immigrants who have come to this country over the years.

“This country is great and the reason people want to come here is because this country has been built decade after decade from the very start by people fleeing political persecution, by people fleeing ‘sh*tholes.,” she said, apparently not realizing she was actually echoing Trump’s remark.

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Former Trump communications director Jason Miller defended the president, saying there was nothing racist about the comment which he is alleged to have made. He also called out Navarro for her personal attacks against the president.

Cue the epic meltdown.

“This isn’t about you and me!” Navarro shouted at Miller. “He has been a racist his entire life!”

“Ana, you’re melting,” Miller quipped as she continued to rage.

“Oh no, I’m not melting! I’m not a snowflake!” she fired back as “New Day” anchor John Berman desperatley tried to regain control.

“I don’t say you look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying!” Navarro shouted. “This is about Donald Trump being a racist. I don’t care what you say.”

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