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Obama’s presidential library is finally unveiled — lordy, did the Internet have opinions on what it looks like

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Chicago is gearing up to break ground for its controversial Obama library.

Many people believe the new and improved plans for the proposed Obama Library is a total eye-sore.

One of the most corrupt cities in the nation (if not THE most corrupt) is eager to pay its respects to the 44th President, but the building and plans for the new museum has been riddled with controversy, and has even faced backlash from Obama’s allies.

And now this.

After scrapping original plans of a building that liberal critics claimed would block scenic views and take up too much parkland, architects revealed a taller and transparent version of the building.

Let’s just say the internet had field day, as the new model resembled a lot of things to a lot people, and none of them were flattering to the library’s design.

Conservative editor Ben Shapiro thought it looked fit for a king – who’s about 10 years old.

In case you’re wondering, it’s a Star Wars Gonk Droid!

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Others had a similar ideas:

The hilarious comparisons got the ball rolling, and let’s just say, the internet got creative:

For some, it reminded them of dinner:

Others, animals:

But, garbage receptacles seemed to win the day:

Needless to say, the new design was a giant flop according to feedback on social media.

Building the new library has been an uphill battle with local groups fighting over the cost and its structure. Many also fear the building will take up space where needed restaurants and businesses could be started, Fox News reported. The latest plan also scrapped a proposed parking lot after 100 Chicago professors and faculty members complained the idea was “socially regressive,” because it “privileges cars and those who can afford them.”

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The plans will be submitted to the Chicago Plan Commission in hopes to break ground by year-end and have the library up and running by 2021. Ha, good luck!


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