Meryl Streep has suggestions for Oprah’s administration – and they’re every bit as ridiculous as you’d think

Not content with being Oprah Winfrey’s unofficial campaign spokesperson, actress Meryl Streep is also jockeying for chief of staff, appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” late Monday with some suggestions for Oprah’s administration.

…and they’re every bit as ridiculous as you’d think.

With late night TV all atwitter after Oprah’s Golden Globes speech Sunday night and the subsequent announcement from NBC that the media personality was “OUR future president,” Streep was only too happy to declare Oprah’s candidacy for 2020.


“She launched a rocket tonight,” she told The Washington Post after the awards show.

“I don’t think she had any intention [of declaring],” Streep said. “But now she doesn’t have a choice.”

Her arrogance on full display, the elitist Oscar-winning actress then told Kimmel that fellow actor Tom Hanks would make for “a pretty good pick” as Oprah’s running mate.

Shutterstock: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks

As for Oprah’s cabinet positions, Streep said to “keep it in Hollywood.” Because Tinsel Town, led by the likes of men like Harvey Weinstein, has such a great track record?

“You can have The Rock as the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” she said, though it’s not clear if Streep intends for the actor to fill all seven positions or if she’s clueless that the body consisted of more than one person.

She also suggested Harrison Ford for defense… because he ‘shoots first,’ apparently. Yet, the national media holds these folks up as beacons of society worthy of leading the way in establishing national policy.

Watch her remarks below:

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