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More Trump economy gains: Black unemployment rate falls to lowest on record

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As the U.S. economy continues to roll along, unemployment among black Americans is officially at its lowest point in years.


President Trump asked African-Americans to support him in 2016 based on the premise that, given stagnant wages, a high unemployment rate, and grim prospects in many areas despite eight years with America’s first black president (or second, depending on where you categorize Bill Clinton), they’ve really “got nothing to lose.”

Only a small percentage of black voters took Trump up on his offer (still, we must note, a higher percentage than Romney accomplished in 2012), but nevertheless he’s doing everything he can to make America great again for all communities, including theirs.

A new Friday Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows the unemployment rate for black workers fell to 6.8 percent from last month’s 7.2 percent, according to the Washington Examiner.

The last time the rate was 7 percent or less was … wait for it …  April 2000.

“The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the economic policies adopted over the past 7 years have been effective in putting people back to work,” NAACP director of economic programs Marvin Owens, Jr. said.

But Owens Jr. isn’t about to give President Trump any credit, of course.

“And while the current administration will undoubtedly try to take credit for these results, the truth is that the current administration inherited an overall economy that had been in 7 years of recovery,” Owens said.

Riiight, because high taxes, massive government programs, and burdensome regulations have totally been proven to get economies rocking.

White House spokesman Raj Shah noted the obvious via Twitter:


The Examiner noted that “the gap between black unemployment and white unemployment fell to the lowest level on record in December.”

Nobody thinks we don’t have a long way to go. Median black household income remains at below-2000 levels, and the black teenager unemployment rate sits at 22.9 percent.

But even that rate is down from a high of almost 50 percent during the recession’s worst weeks.


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