United Airlines had to divert flight 5,000 miles from destination due to passenger ‘smearing feces everywhere’

Not everyone is up to the challenge of using an airplane bathroom.

A United Airlines flight headed to Hong Kong had to be diverted to Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday night after a passenger covered the plane’s bathrooms with feces.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

Ted Stevens Airport International Airport Police told KTVA described the surprise incident that resulted in flight 895 from Chicago being redirected from its China-bound trajectory.

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The suspect allegedly smeared excrement in two of the restrooms. He then removed his shirt and attempted to flush it down the toilet.

Airport police said the adult male was cooperative with the flight crew, and sat down when instructed to do so for the plane’s landing.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

Once off-board, the passenger was questioned by airport police and FBI agents. He was taken to Providence Hospital for a psychological evaluation. No charges were filed against the man.

The Boeing 777 was grounded for overnight maintenance.

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United Airlines has been the subject of many controversies.

Last month, a United passenger was removed from her seat in order to accommodate Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). When the passenger spoke out, the congresswoman said the complaint was due to her being African-American.

In the spring of last year, United came under scrutiny over a viral video showing a plane’s crew forcefully dragging away a man who refused to give up his seat.

It’s been a bumpy ride for the major airline.


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