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‘Facts are hard’: Teen Vogue embarrasses itself and calls on US to enact equal pay law

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Teen Vogue attempted to rally its liberal masses in a political commentary but ended up flat on its face.

Breathlessly announcing that Iceland became the first nation to enact an equal pay mandate between men and women, the publication stated simply, “They made history.”

A tweet promoting the article on Wednesday then excitedly called for the U.S. to follow the Icelandic leader.

There was one small problem.

President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law back in 1963.

The article quoted Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who praised the move by Iceland:

“We must follow the example of our brothers and sisters in Iceland and demand equal pay for equal work now, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality. As we fight back Republican efforts to revert women’s rights to second-class, it is important to not lose sight that our real goal is to move forward and expand women’s rights.”

The publication went on to assert that “women have almost non-existent protections when it comes to equal pay” in the U.S.

Twitter users tripped over themselves to respond.


Frieda Powers


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