Samantha Power got sassy over Trump’s support of Iranian protesters – gets soul-crushing reminder of Obama policy

Liberals seemingly have selective memory.

Samantha Power, Ambassador to the United Nations under Barack Obama, lashed out at President Trump with a sarcastic tweet after he declared support for Iranians protesting their government amid violent crackdowns.

Power mocked the Trump administration by quoting White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who tweeted, “The days of America looking the other way from the Iranian regime’s oppression are over. America stands with the Iranian people.”

Power’s tweet alluded to the president’s travel ban executive order, which restricts travel to the US from Iran, along with six other countries whose information-sharing practices have been deemed insufficient for proper vetting.

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak).

The former UN ambassador’s comment suggested the President should rescind his travel ban as a way of showing support for the Iranian protests. Over a dozen have been killed in the demonstrations, AP reports.

President Obama waited 10 days before issuing a response to similar protests in 2009. The former president has been criticized for his stance on Iran, which some observers believe fed the social unrest that led to the current protests.

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Twitter users reminded Power of Obama’s response to Iran.

Users also took aim at Power’s role in unmasking hundreds of names of Americans who appeared in foreign intelligence reporting–allegedly with the intent of leaking and discrediting political opponents.

Ben Rhodes, a foreign policy adviser in the Obama administration, also used the Iranian protests to attack President Trump’s travel ban.

Pro-Palestine activist Linda Sarsour made the same argument.

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Many Twitter users fired back that the US can better support protesters by helping them improve their own country than by relocating them to America.


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