Paul Sorvino on Weinstein blacklisting his daughter Mira: ‘Hope he goes to jail’ cause ‘I will kill the motherfu**er’

Actor Paul Sorvino of ‘Goodfellas’ fame has some thoughts about sleazebag Harvey Weinstein reputedly “blacklisting” his daughter Mira Sorvino as her career was blossoming.

“He ought to hope he goes to jail…cause if not, he has to meet me and I will kill the motherfu**er,” Sorvino said, as captured by TMZ.

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Mira Sorvino was one of the many actresses caught up in Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s circle of sexual abuse and shame, according to reports. She responded to one story on her “blacklisting’ in a particularly heartbreaking way.

It was based on the following reportage:

According to a story broken by entertainment publication ‘Stuff,’ Mira Sorvino missed out in a role in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ due to Weinstein’s reported blacklisting. Jackson said he had “no direct experience or knowledge of the sexual allegations.”

In spite of the alleged blacklisting, Mira Sorvino would have her share of film success. In one emotional moment at the 1996 Oscars, when she won Best Supporting Actress, she thanked her father Paul Sorvino.

“When you give me this award you honor my father Paul Sorvino who taught me everything I know about acting,” she gushed, as her father watched, teary-eyed.

Harvey Weinstein is being investigated by the New York Police Department and the Manhattan district attorney is reportedly seeking an indictment by a grand jury. The Hollywood film producer is also facing potential charges for Beverly Hills cases that are being handled by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Weinstein may be better off facing jail than the dozens of angry fathers like Paul Sorvino, who seem to have more than enough reason to get vengeance for their daughters.

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