CNN contributor goes into meltdown after Trump’s nuclear tweet, begs ‘Jack’ to kick Trump off Twitter

CNN contributor Brian Fallon, who is a former spokesman for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer to boot, begged Twitter CEO “Jack” Dorsey to kick Trump off his social media platform.

The latest uproar came after the president issued an intimidating tweet to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un:

It should be obvious from students of history that Trump is utilizing the “madman theory” exhibited memorably by General Eisenhower in order to increase risk perception among America’s enemies. It has the added benefit of driving liberal journalists absolutely “mad” themselves.

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CNN contributor Fallon issued the following Tweet, obviously in response to the president’s missive:

The bevy of responses came like a whirlwind:

“Liberals” (without any awareness of what that term actually means) cheered the proposal.

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The president’s supporters responded in kind.

It looks like CNN contributors are all for people airing their opinions, as long as they’re left-wing ones.

As for the president, the left can’t stand that he can go around the mainstream media and talk directly to the masses… and to actual dictators, like Kim Jong Un.

Kyle Becker

Kyle Becker

Chief Editor at BizPacReview
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Kyle Becker

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