Trump promises a ‘change’ from Obama’s failed policies that are to blame for chaos and death in Iran

Faced with an Iranian situation similar to what President Obama encountered during his first year in office, President Trump is determined not to make the same mistake.

The president over the weekend issued a number of statements regarding the outbreak of protests in Iran that began Thursday night. He declared that it’s “time for change” after the violent confrontations that have left 10 dead.

President Trump blasted the human rights violations, corruption, and poor fiscal policy that have provoked the protests.

The president voiced the concerns of the protesting Iranians, who have faced economic stagnation even after the Obama administration negotiated the multi-billion dollar Iran nuclear deal in Tehran’s favor.

Former CIA station chief Gary Berntsen told Fox News President Trump’s immediate response in support of the protesters stood in stark contrast to Obama’s handling of Iranian protests in 2009.

Student protesters in Iran. (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images).

Berntsen described Obama’s response as a factor that contributed to the present conflict:

“In 2009, in response to the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a movement arose under the moniker of ‘where’s my vote?’ Because the population felt like the vote had been stolen and that the election had not been an honest one.

“That gave birth to what has been known as the Green Movement, or the Persian Awakening. What happened, though, at that point, was the Obama administration was very, very careful in its dealing with the Iranians.

“And essentially, the Iranians, in response to this, brought in thugs from Hezbollah–not believing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. would use sufficient force–and suppressed their population.”

Iranian students protest at the University of Tehran. (STR/AFP/Getty Images).

The former CIA officer recounted the mass kidnappings and killings committed in Iran, and called the Obama administration’s orders to the CIA at the time an act of “stupidity.”

“The Obama administration ordered the CIA-Iranian ops element to have no contact with the Green Movement … which, quite frankly, in the intelligence business is just stupidity. It’s insanity.”

(Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images).

Berntsen praised President Trump’s harsh critique of Iran as “on-point” and “justified,” arguing that the president’s support for the protesters will weaken the country’s allegedly corrupt, theocratic regime.

With not even a year on the job, President Trump continues to succeed where Obama fell flat.

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