CNN’s New Year’s show goes on, but karma strikes Kathy Griffin as she sits out

New Year’s Eve was lonely this year for Kathy Griffin.

The comedian was notably absent from CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage Sunday night. Griffin had co-hosted the program with Anderson Cooper since 2007, but was fired in May after sharing a graphic picture of a fake severed, Donald Trump head.

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The actress’s role in the New Year’s Eve show was given to Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

Cooper and Cohen have been friends for decades, and appeared together Sunday dressed in matching black turtleneck sweaters.

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Cohen provided comic relief for the night in contrast to Cooper’s more sober style.

At one point, Cooper jokingly mocked his co-hosts’s constant naming of celebrities, suggesting viewers start a drinking game based around Cohen’s habit.

Griffin was relatively quiet Sunday night, wishing her followers a happy New Year an hour before midnight.

Times Square host Steve Harvey sent Twitter into WILD frenzy on New Year’s Eve – a hilarious, wild frenzy!

On Friday, Griffin retweeted MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who wrote that the comedian should not have been fired for the Trump beheading picture.

Griffin previously called her replacement “deeply misogynistic,” claiming Cohen offered her drugs when they worked together on Bravo.

Cohen denied the claims, calling them “100% false and totally made up.”

Griffin maintained that her allegations are true.

Griffin has said the backlash from the Trump scandal has kept her from landing work, and has even claimed she can’t tour in the U.S. out of fear of being shot.

Fox News’s Kennedy provided a parody of the beleaguered comedian during the conservative network’s New Year’s eve coverage.

Many Twitter users relished in Griffin’s dismissal from her long-held job.

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