NFL owners will pay $90 million for players’ social causes – wait til you see what they get in return

The NFL has done what parenting experts say you should never do, which is give in to childish tantrums. The National Football League will donate $90 million […]

Matt Lauer can’t stop telling Sandra Bullock he’s ‘seen her naked’ in cringeworthy interview

Eyes up here, Matt! A newly resurfaced video shows the cringeworthy interview actress Sandra Bullock endured in 2009 as Matt Lauer repeatedly talked about her naked body. […]

Melania Trump looks like a Greek goddess in these magical photos of White House Christmas wonderland

It’s Christmas at the White House. “Christmas”?!? Yes, Christmas. Filled with magic and wonder. Not to mention Christmas trees. Lots and lots of Christmas trees. So many […]

BREAKING: Now we know what Flynn will testify in court – and it doesn’t look good for President Trump

UPDATE: ABC News has reluctantly issued a correction to its report that “candidate” Trump directed Flynn to contact the Russians. Trump was President-Elect at the time of […]

SCOTUS’ liberal & conservative justices unite for 4th am. rights in ‘biggest digital media case of 21st C.’

Conservative and liberal justices are coming together in rare unison in a case that’s likely to have enormous consequences for Americans’ digital information rights. On Wednesday, the […]

Florida man goes on murder rampage: Kills mother with axe, stabs sister, reports say

Residents of east Orlando are in shock after an unexpected murder rocked their community. Adam Farney, 27, was arrested Monday on charges of bludgeoning his mother to […]

Jim Carrey blasts Trump and Republicans: Remove ‘soulless traitors’ so ‘democracy can live’

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey lashed out at President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers as “soulless traitors” and called for removing the “gangrene” in a tweet vent […]

Savannah Guthrie plays gotcha with Conyers sexual abuse accuser, even after her past with Matt Lauer

Things aren’t boding well for Savannah Guthrie. NBC’s “Today” show host faced sharp criticism for her handling of an interview with a woman who accused of Rep. […]

Pam Anderson drops jaws with hot take on Weinstein accusers: Shouldn’t have been ‘alone’ with him

Hollywood bombshell Pamela Anderson is not surprised by allegations against Harvey Weinstein and sparked a backlash by suggesting the accusers should have known better than to be […]

Michael Flynn hit by Special Counsel Mueller with criminal charge, now he’s made a plea deal

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned from the Trump administration in February, was formally charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday. Mueller charges Flynn […]

Special counsel Robert Mueller has announced first criminal charge of Trump official in Russia investigation

Special counsel Robert Mueller has announced the first criminal charge of a Trump administration official in the Russia investigation. The charge relates to former national security adviser […]

Sarah Palin on Steinle death: Illegal alien has ‘more rights, grace and favor’ than victim and family

Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is as disgusted with the acquittal of the illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle as many Americans. Palin slammed the verdict […]