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Trump sends mainstream media into a frenzy with tweet about wanting ‘global warming’ for New Year’s

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Under President Trump, mainstream media shills keep proving that they can’t take a joke.

The left erupted in outrage Thursday evening when President Trump tweeted about record cold weather in the eastern US and humorously pined for “global warming.”


Not everyone responded well to the tweet.

The New York Times took issue with President Trump’s reference to “good old Global Warming.”

And the Hill ran a headline quoting Rep. Kathleen Rice’s (D-NY) attack on the president.

Rice criticized President Trump for mocking global warming instead of providing Americans with information about how to handle cold weather.

Minutes later, Rice tweeted out information about finding a shelter to avoid looking like a hypocrite.

At CNN, Chris Cillizza accused the president of confusing “weather” with “climate.”

“What trump is doing is conflating weather with climate,” Cillizza said. “Weather is the weather. It is cold, it’s going to be cold for a lot of the country the next week or so.

“Climate is the long view, it’s not next week or next month, it’s long view. This is again going to be warmest year on record. Whether he’s doing that purposefully or he doesn’t know the difference, I can’t say.

“But this logic led Oklahoma senator in 2015, a skeptic or denier, to bring a snowball into the Senate floor late February as evidence that it’s so cold, there are snowballs, therefore global warming or climate change isn’t real.

“That’s like saying it was really hot this past summer, therefore climate change is real. That’s weather. Climate is much longer term and more accurate frankly reflection of the science here.”

At least Cillizza was consistent, noting that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) committed the same alleged logical fallacy.

In 2015, Sanders had tweeted that record warm temperatures on Christmas were indicative of climate change.

Chris Cillizza and other liberal journalists ignored the many times the mainstream media cited the weather and specific weather events as evidence of climate change.

See the New York Times:

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If liberals are known for anything, it’s for not following their own logic.


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