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Ivanka attacked by frothing-at-the-mouth liberals when they spot confederate flag in background of photo

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Ivanka Trump got blasted on social media after Huffington Post writer Ashley Feinberg spotted a Confederate flag in one of her Florida vacation photos.

Ivanka tweeted a photo of her husband, Jared Kushner, holding their son Theodore on a boat. A Confederate flag can be seen in the background on the boat of a random vacationer, along with an American flag.

ivanka trump confederate flag
Liberals got triggered when they spotted a Confederate flag in the background of Ivanka Trump’s Twitter photo.

Huffington Post writer Feinberg pointed the flag out on Twitter. Surely this is Pulitzer prize-worthy journalism.

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Social media then erupted with charges that Ivanka is a racist because a random Floridian flew a Confederate flag on their boat.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics under President Barack Obama, snarked: “Couldn’t find four photos without one? Or is this a dogwhistle?”

Others said Ivanka must have known what she was doing when she snapped the vacay pic.

Fortunately, the voice of reason prevailed among many Twitter users.

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One anti-Trumper pointed out that former president Obama had blithely posed for a photo that contained a drawing of Marxist leader Che Guevara in the background. Where was the outrage?

Another Twitter user said HuffPo’s Ashley Feinberg must herself be a racist since her tweet contained a Confederate flag.

Others sarcastically snarked: How dare some random guy fly a flag on his boat while another vacationer was taking a family photo?

Finally, one Twitter user wondered what subliminal message Ashley Feinberg’s Twitter profile photo was sending.

While haters threw shade, Ivanka celebrated her dad’s first major legislative victory in a gleeful tweet.

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