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Even future ‘short Ice Age’ wouldn’t disprove global warming, former NASA climate scientist argues

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At this point, liberals are willing to point to anything–even global cooling–as evidence of global warming.

James Hansen, former director of NASA’s Godard Institute for Space Studies, published a paper suggesting that global warming will cause a short ice age in the near future.

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Hansen called global temperatures an “unreliable diagnostic of planetary condition as the ice melt rate increases,” and said “global energy imbalance” is a “more meaningful measure of planetary status.”

He also predicted “large scale regional cooling occurs in the North Atlantic and Southern oceans by mid-century.”

According to Hansen’s paper, global warming would not be disproven–but confirmed–by the occurrence of an ice age.

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“Energy reporter” Sammy Roth offered similar arguments, writing at USA Today that record cold weather in the US this year does not diminish the credibility of climate change science.

“This week’s cold snap has brought record-low temperatures, freezing rain and heavy snow to much of the United States,” Roth wrote. “But 2017 is still on track to be the second- or third-hottest year ever recorded globally — and scientists say climate change is to blame.

Even this week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.”


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Roth went on to describe how global warming can cause temperatures to drop.

“The Arctic is warming much faster than most of the planet, leading to a dramatic decline in the amount of sea ice that covers the region each winter. That loss of ice has allowed more heat to transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere, causing a weakening of the polar vortex winds over the Arctic.

“Those winds usually ‘insulate the rest of the Northern Hemisphere’ from freezing Arctic temperatures, Overpeck said. But as the winds have weakened, it’s gotten easier for freezing Arctic air to swoop further south, he said.”


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President Trump sparked backlash from the mainstream media with a Thursday evening tweet in which he joked “good old Global Warming” would bring relief to Americans living through an extremely cold winter on the East Coast.


Journalists like CNN’s Chris Cillizza accused the president of “conflating weather with climate,” and asserted the current cold weather is in line with climate change models.

When it comes to climate change science, liberals sure have all their bases covered.


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