Trump: ‘We have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations’

President Donald Trump paid a visit Wednesday to a West Palm Beach, Florida, fire station and touted his track record in his first year in office, to include his impact on the economy.

Saying he “broke the record of Harry Truman,” the President told the firefighters that he has “signed more legislation than anybody.” Pointing to “a lot of executive orders,” Trump boasted that he set “the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations.”

Among the accomplishments Trump listed was repealing the Obamacare individual mandate with the passage of the GOP tax reform bill.

“We’ve gotten a lot of the rules and regulations — you people suffered from that to a certain extent, too, in all fairness,” President Trump said. “But a lot of the regulations were voided and now you can go back to work and do your jobs.”

“We have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations and we’re very proud of that,” Trump continued. “That’s one of the reasons the stock market has jumped at a record level.

“The stock market hit a new high 84 times since we won the election on November 8th of last year,” he said. “So that’s something we can all be proud of.”

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The president went on to remind the firefighters, and by extension American families, that despite Democrat Party talking points about how the rich are getting richer, the stock market gains affect everybody.

“The fact is, that it affects everybody because people own stocks, whether it’s in 401(k)s or otherwise,” Trump said.

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