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CNN tries to play gotcha with Trump playing golf, real story is creepy cameraman stalking POTUS

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Can’t a man play a round of golf in peace?

(Photo: Screen Capture).

The media widely reported President Trump’s golf-playing for two consecutive days after Christmas, contrasting the leisure with the president’s vow to speedily get “back to work.”


Liberal outlets ran headlines that seemingly called President Trump’s work ethic into question.

From the Huffington Post:


And Newsweek:

CNN “caught” the president in the act. Correspondent Manu Raju took to Twitter to share “exclusive” footage of President Trump playing golf on a Palm Beach course.

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This is the same Manu Raju who authored the widely-panned inaccurate story about Donald Trump, Jr.’s correspondence with Wikileaks.

Many Twitter users were less surprised at seeing a president play golf (President Obama was an avid golfer) than they were taken aback by a video that apparently shows a reporter spying on the President Trump while hiding behind foliage.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

A number of people immediately lampooned CNN’s “stalking” of the president.





President Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN for its allegedly biased reporting. He recently retweeted an image of himself with a splattered CNN logo on the bottom of his shoe.

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With reporting like the “exclusive” golf footage, CNN makes itself hard to defend as source of serious news.


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