He didn’t expect video to go viral, but what his parents did on Christmas was way bigger than he knew

A personal video perfectly summed up the warmth, love and magic of the Christmas season.

Jeff Green said he didn’t expect the video of his parents to go viral, but is basking in its popularity to help jumpstart their newly rekindled romance.

Jeff’s parents, Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan of Bowling Green, Ohio were married in 1989, but divorced in 2014. Since the couple’s divorce, Jeff said his parents both “went to work on themselves.”

“Our love was there, it never left…” Lorrie Agan reads the poem her ex-husband wrote for her, not suspecting it would end up being a second marriage proposal.

“Both of my parents each went on a separate journey for self-renewal,” Jeff told Cleveland’s Fox 8.

His parents began dating again, and two days before Christmas his father surprised his ex-wife with a proposal accompanied by a personal love poem.

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Lorrie realizes what the poem is all about as her ex-husband shows her the engagement ring.

“Congrats mom and dad! True love always finds its way back around,” Jeff tweeted.

Jeff posted the emotional video to Twitter where it’s been viewed nearly 10 million times.

Immediately Jeff received an outpouring of support, and people wanting to know where they could donate to help pay for a second wedding or honeymoon.

Jeff decided to start a Go Fund Me page for those who wished to donate and said he is immensely moved by this blessing for his family.

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As of Tuesday morning, the video is still going strong as a powerful example of hope, perseverance, love and new beginnings.


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