Conservative guest refuses to be bullied by Dem Mayor: ‘Don’t ‘brother, calm down’ me …’

A CNN panel went off the rails ​as the gloves came off between a former Democrat mayor and a conservative commentator.

During a debate Tuesday on whether President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter clashed with conservative political strategist Paris Dennard, as the two snapped about blood pressure and even a holiday greeting.

Dennard commented on Trump and his latest attack on Twitter against the FBI and the unverified Fusion GPS dossier on him, defending the president and reiterating that there has been no conclusive evidence of collusion amid a highly biased investigation.

Nutter reacted to Dennard by saying, “other than his blood pressure being up this morning, that’s straight out of the usual talking points.”

“My blood pressure is just fine, mayor, Dennard noted.

“Hey Paris, Hey Paris — Happy holidays to you,” Nutter responded.

“My blood pressure’s fine. Merry Christmas to you,” Dennard fired back. “Don’t talk about my health. My blood pressure’s fine.”

Nutter’s advice to Dennard to “calm down, brother,” was also obviously not welcome.

“Don’t ‘brother, calm down’ me,” he shot back. “First of all, don’t talk about somebody’s health. My blood pressure is not high. Finish your point if you have one.”

CNN host Pamela Brown tried to intervene, asking the former mayor to “focus on the point you’re trying to make here.”

“He doesn’t have one,” Dennard quipped.

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Frieda Powers


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