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See it: Red pickup accidentally slams into Antifa thug trash-talking Jesus at Christmas Eve rally

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A pro-communist Antifa activist protested Jesus on Christmas Eve. And Jesus protested right back.

An Antifa demonstrator was hit by a truck while protesting a Christian event called the “March for Jesus,” the Daily Caller reported. She suffered minor injuries, including a broken hip (video below).

antifa hit by truck christian protest march for jesus
This female Antifa protester was hit by a truck while trying to shout down Christians. (screenshot)

The events unfolded in Seattle, Washington, as a group of Christians marched for Jesus the day before his birthday. That’s when Antifa activists disrupted the peaceful march by shouting communist propaganda at them.

The female protester who was later hit by a truck called the Christian flag with a cross on it a “white supremacist symbol” even though non-whites also marched in the event.

Pro-communist Antifa protesters claimed this minority Christian boy is a white supremacist. (screenshot)

The March for Jesus was organized by Patriot Prayer, a Christian group that says it wants to “use the power of love and prayer” to fight government corruption.

Patriot Prayer’s leader is Joey Gibson, a libertarian who supports Trump and advocates on behalf of Christian values.

(In the video below, an Antifa protester gets swiped by a truck (at 1:30) while jaywalking across the street.)

In August 2017, Democratic senator Nancy Pelosi shut down a free speech rally in San Francisco that Gibson had organized by falsely claiming it was a “white supremacist” demonstration.

Gibson, who’s half-Japanese, said he was disgusted by Pelosi’s racism accusations because they’re propaganda meant to incite violence and sow racial division.

“[Liberals] say they stand against hate, they stand against violence. But the thing is, they never said anything against Antifa,” Gibson noted.

antifa hit by truck
Jesus apparently got the last word when leftist protesters tried to shut down a Christian event. (screenshot)

Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer has held numerous Christian events in the Portland area, and they’re always disrupted by Antifa thugs.

Samantha Chang


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