Personal touch? Trump gives special gift to those spending their holiday protecting him and his family

President Donald Trump had a light schedule Christmas Day, but did manage to offer a Christmas message to the nation and show a little appreciation to all those charged with protecting him and his family.

The president spread a little holiday cheer at his Mar-a-Lago residence, providing “a full Christmas spread” for local law enforcement, members of the military and Secret Service, CNN reported.

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Christmas dinner meals were served throughout the day Monday for those working to keep Trump safe, with the president picking up the tab for the holiday feast.

“All shifts” were ensured a meal, according to CNN reporter Noah Gray.

To ensure a personal touch, President Trump personally paid for the cost of the meals, according to a source.

On Christmas Eve, President Trump held a teleconference call with members of the military, greeting troops in Kuwait, Qatar and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“Today and every day, we’re incredibly thankful for you and for your families,” Trump told the troops. “Your families have been tremendous. Always underappreciated, the military families. The greatest people on Earth.”

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Early Christmas morning, the president and first lady Melania Trump released a video message for all Americans.

Offering a message of unity, President Trump called on the country to “renew the bonds of love and good will between our citizens —and most importantly we celebrate the miracle of Christmas.”

“At this time of year,” the first lady added, “we see the best of American and the soul of the American people.”

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